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Calibration certificate for analog Barometer (WEIKE) and (FIMA)




This standard is based on the Commission's proposals and related reviewed and approved for the fourth time and submitted by 289 gathering of the National Committee of mechanical and metal standard science dated 23/8/2008. Refer to Article 1 paragraph 3 of an act to amend the rules and regulations standards and Industrial Research Institute of Iran is published as Iran national standard on 3 February 1992.


To maintain synchronization and coordination with national and global developments and advancements in the fields of science, industry and national standards of Iran, the services will be revised when it is necessary and will be proposed for any modification and completing these standards Refer to Iranian standards should always the last revision be used.


 In the preparation and formulation of this standard have been tried to focus on terms of community needs and make it possible to coordination with industrialized and modern countries standards.


The purpose of the compilation of this standard is to determine the requirements of the design and construction such as consumables, manufacturing method, inspection, testing and marking welded steel construction cylinders with a capacity of 0.5 liters up to 150 liters water for gas storage and transportation of petroleum products.






About ArvinGas

In 1978 began Arvin gas (Soleymani industrial manufacturing) the Manufacturing activity in the field of gas cylinders. Its production activities and the approach to the development and quality of products in 2008 registered his brand. With the Research and development of standards for the manufacturing of gas cylinders extend him to achieve the Iran Standards degree and receiving the degrees of ISO 10002, 9001, 14001 and 18001 of the highest quality and best brands in the United Kingdom.