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 Capsules coloring variation by using electro static colors

Soleymani manufacturing company is one of the most famous manufacturers of gas capsules in the country and the markets of the neighboring countries with more than Three decades of experience in the high Quality production and the diversity of the company's products are classified to domestic and industrial purposes.

This is due to the company's focus on the quality of manufactured goods and the usage of the best raw materials and to embed miniature high confidence that result in the production of valuable products in the consumer market. This unit has a standard of Iran and ISO 1002, 9001 ,14001 and 18001 and  has the highest quality standards in the whole region.

In this industrial unit to staining the gas capsules are using the electro static colors and the best sustainability and transparency specified this type of coverage.

All products are produced with ST37 and ST35 sheets. For Cylinders with 2 and 5 kg capacity are used ST sheets with 2mm thickness and for cylinders with 1 kg capacity is used ST sheets with 1.5 mm thickness.

All valves are used in Gas cylinders manufacturing are brass valves with high safety, they are issued under standards of Iran and has the highest quality manufacturing.

About ArvinGas

In 1978 began Arvin gas (Soleymani industrial manufacturing) the Manufacturing activity in the field of gas cylinders. Its production activities and the approach to the development and quality of products in 2008 registered his brand. With the Research and development of standards for the manufacturing of gas cylinders extend him to achieve the Iran Standards degree and receiving the degrees of ISO 10002, 9001, 14001 and 18001 of the highest quality and best brands in the United Kingdom.