latest achievements

ISO 10002 is in charge of customer satisfaction and after sales service management

• Arvin gas (Soleymani industrial manufacturing)   has in charge of manager Mr. Arvin Soleymani achieved ISO 10002 standard because of his hard works and using the latest methods of management and planning system.

ISO10002 is international framework for management and planning the customers satisfactions.


• This standard provides guide lines of planning and implementation to achieve more customers satisfaction. It consist of customer needs and certified the receiver a customer-oriented services.

ISO 10002 is in charge of customer satisfaction increasing not type/- size productions or type of product.

ISO 10002 does not change the agreement, treaties and codified lows but sets them on the path to customers satisfactions.

• ISO 10002 supports quality management and has been developed by the International Organization for Standardization.


Quality management - Customer satisfaction - Guidelines for complaints handling in organizations are part of  ISO 10002, it standardized the productions process complaints such as planning , design, implementation , maintenance and move to system improvement. The standard  cannot be used  for resolving disputes that originate outside the factory or for the employees concerned problems.

The main purpose of this standard is to achieve customer satisfaction by creating a customer-focused environment and ready to respond to customer complaints and solve their problems.



About ArvinGas

In 1978 began Arvin gas (Soleymani industrial manufacturing) the Manufacturing activity in the field of gas cylinders. Its production activities and the approach to the development and quality of products in 2008 registered his brand. With the Research and development of standards for the manufacturing of gas cylinders extend him to achieve the Iran Standards degree and receiving the degrees of ISO 10002, 9001, 14001 and 18001 of the highest quality and best brands in the United Kingdom.