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According to the definition of the Marketing Association of America, mark, brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies a special product or service organizer of other products and services. Legal title for brand is trademark.



Brand is the subjective knot collection or simulation of functional, emotional, and intellectual advantages that has occupied the mind of the target market. Actually merging the images and meanings associated with the signs of the brand or the advantages and benefits of a brand is the basis for the buying decision.


Brand is what the audience see, hear, feel or touched with it in the form of verbal or Visual, conceptual traits and their features in the mind and heart of the associated contact.  In this regard, the issue of loyalty to the brand is the most important topics of the corporate limelight and companies are always looking for ways to earn loyalty and attracting customers. One of the most important criteria of loyalty to the brand is a brand with refreshing and reminding or specific commodity which makes customer to purchase again and again.


The official ad trademark registered in the Organization of the registration of documents and country estates – registration of companies and industrial property office Tehran to issue the Declaration number 86092568 and to issue the trademark number 1624331


About ArvinGas

In 1978 began Arvin gas (Soleymani industrial manufacturing) the Manufacturing activity in the field of gas cylinders. Its production activities and the approach to the development and quality of products in 2008 registered his brand. With the Research and development of standards for the manufacturing of gas cylinders extend him to achieve the Iran Standards degree and receiving the degrees of ISO 10002, 9001, 14001 and 18001 of the highest quality and best brands in the United Kingdom.